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Founder and CEO
Chapman Capital, Inc.
The company has a dealership with an offshore manufacturer/producer of plant-based oils and materials. We buy and sell to companies anywhere globally. We help companies buy the materials they need that are sometimes hard to find and in short supply. We only deal with credible companies and people. Integrity and trust are at the top of our list of priorities. We deal honestly and fairly with all and we keep our distance from all the scammers and dishonest people.

Founder and CEO
DrVisit, Inc., Pompano Beach, Fl.
DrVisit, Inc. will build a telemedicine/telehealth network of physicians and medical providers, The DrVisit Telehealth Network, who will all use DoctorVisit.com / DrVisit.com for their telehealth consultations, when appropriate. The PC/mobile web application will make it easy for patients and providers to schedule and conduct "Virtual DrVisits", online Dr. consultations with primary care physicians, specialists and other medical providers, using secure HIPPA compliant video teleconferencing, mobile messaging and email. Online physician and medical provider consultations offer a higher level of service for patients and provide greater access to physicians.

Co-Founder and Investor
Health & Life Associates, LLC (HLA), Pompano Beach, Fl.
The Company was founded in April 2009 and is a licensed insurance agency in 33 states and manages a call center operation in Pompano Beach, Florida. The Company sells Health Insurance, Medicare Supplements, Dental Plans, Life Insurance, and other insurance products. The company contracts with insurance carriers to sell their insurance products though its staff of licensed agents and has put in place sophisticated web-based call center telephony and CRM tools to optimize the call center capabilities and management reporting.

Founder and CEO
Net Content Creations, INC. (NCCI), Plantation, Fl.
NCCI owns a large portfolio of Internet domain names and develops and promotes several hundred websites on the Internet. These include a network of local singles sites for 360 cities in the US and Canada such as ChicagoSingles.com, or SanfranciscoSingles.com.

Founded this Internet company to develop and market a network of content websites. Responsibilities included all aspects of a startup company from concept design to developing a sustainable Internet business model. Raised angel capital, managed personnel and software product development, launched 1,600+ websites and developed partnerships.


Own and operate a network of more than 400 websites.
Managed software engineers and developed more than 400 software applications.
Raised angel capital several times.
Developed partnership with other companies.
Created a unique business model on the Internet.
Developed a profitable and sustainable Internet business.

The Pioneer Years on the Internet.
In December 1994 when this company was formed, most people had never heard of the word Internet and if they were online they used a 300 baud or 14.4 dial-up modem and likely used Prodigy, the largest ISP at the time.  AOL was still a small company and had a subscriber base of roughly 400,000 members when they solicited entrepreneurs to submit proposals to their "Greenhouse Project", which was looking for great ideas and content that they could leverage and offer to AOL members.  At that time, I formed the company and submitted a proposal to the key executives of the AOL to develop and launch SinglesOnline.com for AOL members.  The final result of the project was that AOL liked my proposal so much that they decided to create their own Internet personals, which became [email protected] and later Love.com, and they sent me a nice T-shirt for my contribution.  I decided to persist in developing the software and website.  However, back in these early Internet years the only server and client software was Netscape 1.0, which was just released in December 1994.  Additionally, users had no bandwidth and there were no webmasters who knew anything about developing high-end websites with sophisticated relational databases.  The technologies of the day had a lot of limitations and challenges.  Therefore, it took longer and cost more to create a successful Internet company.   I was definitely an Internet pioneer.  I invested $1M of my own capital and raised angel investments on several occasions. It required a lot of intestinal fortitude and perseverance on my part to develop a profitable and sustainable Internet business model, which thousands of well funded Internet companies with strong management teams have been unable to do.   

Founder and CEO
VeriSecure Systems, Inc. (VSS), Plantation, Fl.
VSS was engaged in the licensing of a patented technology designed to verify the authenticity of physical documents and/or their captured electronic images.

Founded this company in order to develop, license and sell a patented document security technology. Responsible for organizing resources required to develop, independently test and document proto-type technology using the patented system and intellectual property I invented. 


Invented "Counterfeit Document Detection System", US Patent # 5,432,506.
Lead a team of offshore software engineers to develop IP crypto software application
  Partnered with InLite Research, a leading edge, production barcode recognition and image processing company and together developed a fully automated Check Fraud Prevention System for banking industry.
Lead major project for VSS, sponsored by the Financial Services Technology. Consortium (FSTC.org), called FSTC Survivability of Check Security Features, which included the 10 largest financial institutions and independently tested and documented the Company's IP and technology with a very successful result.
Presented IP to executives at DHS, SSA, AAMVA, USPS, FMS and 10 largest banks.

Invented "Counterfeit Document Detection System " to combat Document Fraud In November 1989 Forbes magazine published a cover story titled "Desktop Forgery", and documented how easily criminals can create and use counterfeit documents such as bank checks, drivers licenses and numerous other important documents that we as a society rely on as authentic.  As CEO of a managed healthcare company (KNS) with fiduciary responsibility for issuing millions of bank checks to medical providers each year, I was intrigued by the article and defined the problem as there being no system designed to verify the authenticity of documents.  I did an analytical study of traditional document security features, cryptography (techniques for writing secret code) and verification systems.  Armed with this new research, I invented a patented system to verify documents or their captured images.  I created a system which combines the use of certain document data, cryptography and symbol technologies to create a next-generation document security feature, which is unique to each document and is typically printed as a barcode symbol at the time a document is issued.  The patent was filed and effective Feb. 1992 and required 3 years of my persistence and determination before it was issued by the USPTO in July 1995. 

Financial Services Technology Consortium, Check Security Features Project
In early 2002 I formed VSS and began developing professional relationships with leading members of the Bank Industry Technology Secretariat (BITS) of the Financial Services Roundtable, the 100 largest US financial institutions, and specifically I presented and demonstrated the VSS IP and technology to several members of the Fraud Reduction Steering Committee (FRSC) of BITS.  These activities positioned VSS to participate in an important banking industry project which was sponsored by the Financial Services Technology Consortium (FSTC) and included ten of the largest US financial institutions.  The project began in October 2003 and the Summary of Findings was published in September 2004.The project was titled, "Controlling Fraud in a Truncated Environment, Assessing the Survivability, Performance and Viability of Paper-Based Check Security Features in Imaged-Based Operations". The project was designed to test the survivability, viability and performance of current and proposed (next-generation) check security features brought forward for use in an image exchange environment.  I assembled and lead a small team to include myself and my part-time CTO, a great Russian technologist I recruited at GP Asset Management while EVP there, and software engineers in Moscow.  I also formed a strategic alliance with InLite Research, a leading edge barcode recognition and image processing company.  We began the project with limited resources and with no software developed.  We had to overcome several major obstacles and constraints throughout the project, including the need to develop both cryptography applications to validate and software that could automatically read barcodes from a batch of poor quality (200 dpi) bank check images.  We completed our software development and produced a fully automated Check Fraud Prevention System exactly one day (March 5, 2004) before we were scheduled to install our solution at the official testing lab.  The final report of this project was published in September 2004 and clearly documented, tested and validated our IP with a very successful result.

Executive Vice President
GP Asset Management LLC (GPAM), Fort Lauderdale, Fl. 
Global Partners Group is a diversified asset management company and GP Asset Management is a Registered Investment Advisor specializing in hedge fund products and services.

I was recruited to join the management team of GPG by a principle of the firm who I originally met when he was a venture capitalist Responsibilities consisted primarily of building an institutional sales force from scratch and selling the company's investment products.  I recruited and managed an international team of sales executives to sell hedge funds and fund-of-hedge funds to institutions and high-net-worth (HNW) investors. 


  Acquired NASD securities license which qualified me to sell investments to US investor
Recruited and managed an international team of eight institutional sales executives.
Researched web-based CRM products and installed MS CRM solution for managing sales
  Authored, negotiated and managed legal contracts and other management functions.

Built Team of Institutional Sales Executives
I was new to the financial services industry when I joined GPG and therefore it required a lot of hard work and independent study on my part to accelerate my knowledge base regarding financial services products and the many complexities of hedge funds specifically.  This acquisition of knowledge and an NASD securities license were my first steps towards the main objective of recruiting and developing a team of international sales executives to raise assets selling primarily fund-of-hedge-funds investment products to institutions and HNW investors.  The difficulty of this task was compounded by the fact that the company could only offer straight commission agreements to sales executives.  I sourced large numbers of candidates both domestically and internationally, but few were both qualified and capable of investing their time, talent and energies on a pure commission basis as there is a long sales cycle when selling to institutions.  Yet, I was able to recruit and support a diverse team of sales executives both domestically and internationally and we raised assets and established new clients within our strict constraints. 

Founder and CEO
Kemper National Services, Inc. (KNS), Plantation, Fl.
KNS provided comprehensive cost containment managed healthcare services to insurance companies, third party administrators and self insured companies. 

Kemper National Insurance Companies (KNIC) acquired Medical Audit Services, Inc from me in Sept. 1989 and changed the company name to Kemper National Services, which was later sold to Aetna and Crawford Company. I was retained on a five-year contract to continue the company's growth and expand the service offerings nationally.

Directly responsible for growing the company's managed healthcare cost containment services from startup to roughly 1,000 employees.  Built and developed a cohesive management team and proactively capitalized on new opportunities by creating the company's twenty-plus core services.  Lead the company's sales efforts and grew the client base to include many Fortune 500 companies.

This company provided KNIC with a competitive advantage in the very competitive marketplace of Property & Casualty insurance products and helped KNIC grow from $3 billon to $6 billion in annual sales and helped reduce their loss ratio to $.97 cents per premium dollar when the industry standard was $1.17. 


Grew the company from startup to a market cap of several hundred million dollars.
Saved clients more than $1 billion hard medical dollars over a 5 year period.
Dramatically reduced the incurred cost of claims (medical and indemnity) for clients.
Hired, developed and lead an excellent team of twelve Vice Presidents and Directors.
Lead in the design of sophisticated and propriety software applications.
Created a menu of more than twenty managed healthcare services.
Built a national PPO network of 1,500 hospitals and 100,000 medical providers.
Lead sales and expanded the client base to include many Fortune 500 companies.
Change agent responsible for dramatic improvements of work flow in 90 KNIC offices.
Quantitatively and qualitatively improved the quality of healthcare for patients.
Acquired land and established 240,000 sf home office buildings and central ca
Created dependency, competitive advantage, bottom line impact for parent company.
Produced a high profit margin firm and strong growth for five years.
Considerably exceeded financial projections for five years.

Hired, Developed and Lead the Management Team
Prior to building the KNS team I had started five businesses, including a unique recruiting services company, and intuitively had a high level-of-awareness regarding the critical importance of hiring the best people.  Every executive and key manager at KNS (55) was either hired directly by me or required my approval for any management position.  I was the organizations cultural and values filter that enabled us to create a great team of executives and key managers.  The executive team had no attrition during my five year contract period as CEO, which is testament to the quality of our staffing and the excellent corporate culture I created that fueled our growth and success.   KNS grew at a rapid rate consistently for five years and we developed an excellent in-house team of seven full time recruiters to meet our staffing needs.  I set the example, developed a strong team of executives and delegated responsibilities to each which was a key driver in our building a great company in less than five years.

Created Managed Healthcare Services
In 1987 - 1988 I lead in the design and development of propriety software applications to audit all types of medical bills and created the Medical Bill Audit service.  After the acquisition of the company by KNIC in Sept 1989, I began creating and expanding the menu of cost containment services to include various types of prospective, concurrent  and retrospective review services.  For example, we developed pre-authorization services for in-patent hospital stays, outpatient surgical procedures and various ancillary services such as MRI's.  We also developed concurrent and retrospective reviews for inpatient hospital stays and outpatient surgical procedures, psych and substance review, chiropractic review, physical therapy review and pharmaceutical review.  In 1992 I created a nationwide PPO network and a totally unique service called HealthCare Coordination (HCC), which became one of the flagship services of the company.  This is a telephonic case management approach provided by qualified nurses who managed contacts with patients, claims adjusters, employers and medical providers using propriety software applications we developed in-house.  Based on quantifiable research studies of comparable control groups, and by measuring the incurred cost of claims, we were able to document a 36% savings for our clients above and beyond all other cost containment services.  Additionally, we had significantly better outcomes and a higher patient satisfaction rating.  For example, a satisfaction survey of patients who received HCC services indicated that 88% rated the HCC service as "good to excellent" and 82% of respondents said "yes" when asked if they would want an HCC nurse again in the event of another injury or serious health claim.

Built a National PPO Network of 1,500 hospitals and 100,000 medical providers.
In 1992 KNIC did not have a managed healthcare network while other insurance companies like Travelers Insurance had spent the prior ten years and more than $50 million dollars developing and building their healthcare network.  Therefore, I made a presentation and proposal to the board of directors of KNS to fund a $3 million dollar project to build a nationwide PPO network.  The board approved the funding and I pursed this objective in a creative manner by developing a telephonic contracting department which contacted medical providers to join our medical network and negotiated deep discounts.  We staffed the new department with more than 20 professionals and we built a national PPO network of 1,500 hospitals and 100,000 medical providers in less than three years by leveraging my unique approach at network building.  I also formed strategic alliances with other healthcare networks.  We spent only $500,000.of the approved funding because I decided to charge medical providers an administrative fee to join our network.  This generated a new revenue steam for the company in addition to our ongoing portion of the deep discounts which we adjudicated and shared with our clients. 

Founder and CEO
Medical Audit Services, Inc. (MAS), Hollywood, Fl.
MAS provided medical bill auditing services to insurance companies, third party administrators and self-insured companies. 

Founded this company in early 1987 to audit all types of medial bills. I have the ability to analyze complex issues and simplify tasks in order to accomplish a specific goal.  I lead the design and development of propriety software applications to audit all types of medical bills.  Once the software was developed by mid 1988, my primary responsibilities became hiring and managing the staff to provide the service and sell the service to acquire new clients.  I personally grew the client base of insurance companies and third party administrators to $1M in sales within one year and laid a solid foundation which lead to the acquisition of the company by KNIC in Sept. 1989.


Created sophisticated software applications to audit all types of medical bills.
Recruited and managed a small team of medical bill audit experts from competitor firm
  Created a competitive advantage by offering a superior product/service.
  Sold services to a client base of several insurance companies/third party claims administrator
Positioned the company and negotiated the sale to KNIC, a Fortune 100 company.

Created Medical Bill Audit Software and Service
I investigated the possibility of entering this business because my medical case management company competed directly with Cigna Insurance company's subsidiary called Intracorp, which offered a medical bill audit service.  This service was foreign to me at the time and it required a thorough study of medical specialties, terminologies, procedures, diagnostics, modifiers and other medical industry complexities.  I researched all available software in the market that would enable me to offer this service to clients but soon discovered that the available products were unimpressive and if I used one of these applications I would have no competitive advantage in the market.  Therefore, in early 1987 I recruited three key members of Cigna's audit team and hired a software engineer and doggedly persisted to develop superior software applications from scratch.  For 1 1/2 years I consistently queried my audit team until I had extracted all the expertise I needed to fully develop very sophisticated software applications to provide this service and I created a competitive advantage in the market.  This company was the 1st company to audit 100% of all medical bills for clients and in so doing we maximized savings and captured the Computerized Patient Record (CPR), which was unique to our medical bill audit service.  We also leveraged the CPR and intelligence data captured which was the foundation for all future managed healthcare cost containment services.

Founder and CEO
The Corporate Interviewing Network, Inc. (CIN), Hollywood, Fl.
CIN conducted video-taped employment interviewing services for corporate clients through a national network of franchisee locations.

Founded this company in early 1985 to provide video taped employment interviewing services to corporate clients Primary responsibilities included product development, franchising in all 50 states and building a national network of franchisees.


  • Co-Authored "The Employers Guide to Corporate Interviewing", a compendium of 3,000 interview questions.
  • Developed a central database used to store and electronically transmit job descriptions and interview questions.
  • Franchised nationally in 3 months and without an operating business model.
  • Launched the original 18 franchisee locations simultaneously in late 1985
  • Developed a national network of 60 franchisee locations.
  • Sold the company to one of the franchisees in 1989.

Built National Network of Franchisees
For years prior to founding this company I had conducted hundreds of employment interviews and often thought that there must be a better way to conduct screening interviews without wasting the valuable time of an executive but still keeping them intimately involved in the selection process.  I also understood that hiring the best people was critical to the success of any organization and especially to a small company where a single employee can have a tremendous impact on the success or failure of a company.  My creativity and innovation were the cornerstones of this company.  Video camcorders were new in 1985 when I decided to build a national network of interviewing locations and provide professionally conducted structured employment interviews that were captured on video-tape and expressed mailed to corporate clients.  In the system I created, employers would design structured employment interviews of either 20 or 40 questions and they could either select from our compendium of 3,000 interview questions which I co-authored or offer their own interview questions which were screened for language clarity and EEOC compliance.  We stored these structured interviews in a central database for each company and job position.  Employers would source their candidates and then called a toll free 800# to provide us with the candidate contact information.  We electronically merged the candidate contact information, company/job descriptions and interview questions and emailed these orders through MCI Mail to the franchisees where the candidates were located.  The candidates were interviewed on video-tape and the tapes were expressed mailed to the corporate clients.

Founder and CEO
Bay Leaf Builders, Inc., Hollywood, Fl.
Bay Leaf Builders was a general contracting construction company.

Founded this company in early 1981 to build commercial and residential properties. Primary responsibilities included all aspects of managing a general contracting business including land acquisition, working with architects and developers, managing sub-contractors and completing construction projects.


  • Attained both Residential and General Contracting licenses in the State of Florida.
  • Successfully completed several commercial and residential construction projects.

Successfully Completed Several Construction Projects
I formed this company after spending several years selling construction supplies for various companies and gaining a thorough knowledge of the construction industry.  When the company was first formed, I was convinced that what I wanted to do with the rest of my life was to build buildings.  However, after a few years of constant problem solving (that's what GCs do), I realized that what I really wanted was to build companies not buildings.   So, after successfully completing all my construction projects I put my GC license on inactive status and closed down the company to pursue other business opportunities.  This company and industry taught me a lot, especially how to manage projects and work with diverse types of people.

Rehabilitation Counseling Services, Inc. (RCS), Hollywood, Fl.
RCS provided vocational, medical and catastrophic case management services to insurance companies, third-party administrators and self-insured companies.

Co-founded this company in 1980 to provide case management services. Primary responsibilities involved hiring, firing and managing human resources, finance and accounting, all office operations, managing a fleet of automobiles, computer installations and software development, and various other business management functions.


Recruited, managed and fired personnel when appropriate.
Expanded the services offered.
Recruited a branch manager from competitor and established a 2nd office in Tampa.
  Successfully grew this company from startup to sale

Successfully Grew and Sold Company
With no outside capital, my wife and I formed this company after she had gained case management experience and expertise working for Intracorp, a Cigna Insurance company, where she worked for three years prior to our starting this company.  Like many husband and wife teams we combined our talents and skill-sets to grow this company.  She had the professional expertise in vocational case management and I had a business background.  We began hiring additional case managers, expanding our service offerings to include medical and catastrophic case management and eventually opened a second office in Tampa.  We grew the number of professional case managers from one to twenty-five professionals with annual sales of $2M when the company was merged with my Medical Audit Services company and sold to KNIC, a Fortune 100 company.


Nova Southeastern University
Master of Business Administration, MBA
H. Wayne Heizenga School of Business and Entrepreneurship

Nova University
Bachelor of Business Administration

University of Georgia
Business Management